Fundamental domain Engineering Sciences
Undergraduate field Computers and Information Technology
Undergraduate program of study Information Technology
Form of education Full time BA
Study period 4 years
ECTS credits 240 credits
Annual no of students 50


The mission of Information Technology program is geared towards preparing engineers in the field of Computer and Information Technology. The faculty objectives are preparing students for careers in areas such as programming languages, software systems, artificial intelligence or computational structure and systems architecture.

By study subjects offered by Information Technology, this program aims to train students for main objectives:

  • modeling and design of software and hardware sub-systems;
  • the implementation of a hardware and / or software system;
  • analysis, calculation and design of automated systems, robotics systems, by means of information technologies using specific software systems;
  • knowledge and application of modern techniques, implemented using microprogrammed logic, modeling, simulation, automated diagnostic systems of industrial process control etc;
  • Scientific research has an important place in the training of students. Therefore, Lumina University supports students in participating at their local, national or international research projects, and dissemination of results in some journals. University continually seeks to offer its students the opportunity to engage in such activities, individually or through collective research of the faculty.



Students of Information Technology program will develop essential professional and personal skills, such as:

  • analysis, data processing and interpretation;
  • ability to solve scientific and technical problems in the field;
  • the ability to use modern analytical principles and specific synthesis of computers and information technology;
  • design, operation and maintenance of modern information processing;
  • essential knowledge of electronic engineering, telecommunications;
  • modeling and computer aided design of technical systems;
  • ability to develop, execute and coordinate testing activities;
  • review and evaluate of computer systems..


Career Prospects

There are many fields where graduates may choose to develop their career:

  • Application development and systems
  • Administration computer network
  • Data secure and communications
  • Processing and Data Analysis