Annual Scientific Session of UESEL Students Engineers was structured this year on 4 sections: a. Fundamental Sciences b. Information Technology c. Communication Systems d. Signal Processing.

11 papers were submitted to section “Fundamental Sciences” and 1 paper to Information Technology section.

The 11 works of Fundamental Sciences section addressed issues of great interest worldwide such as novel inhibitors of myeloperoxidase, C60 fullerene parameters and new liquid crystal potential. In mathematics "those present were taken in fractal space", the polyhedrons we remembered the great mathematicians of the world as well as their applications in various fields and errors and Fibonacci theory and cryptography us remember that they 're a profile engineering department.

This year we enjoyed a special guest at the Faculty of Physics, Miss Ancuta Bonciu, who presented the problem of cross-biohybrids based on carbon nanotubes. These new generations of biohybrids material have real possibilities for use in medicine or biotechnology.

Silicon carbide was the subject of another works that were presented semiconductor devices made from this material. In the section "Information Technology" was presented the optimizing of DC-DC Converter using POWERESIM software.

The winners of this edition:

a) "Fundamental Sciences" Section

First Prize: Theory of Errors. Ways summary, authors: Negret Catalin – second year (TSTC) Braticevic Daniel – first year (TSTC), supervisor: Assoc. Prof. PhD Eng. Math. Anton Soloi.

Second Prize, Eco-biohybrids based on carbon nanotubes. Preparation and characterization, authors: Anca Bonciu – first year (Faculty of physics), Marioara Gagelea, Marian Stefan Iordache, Ana Maria Iordache, Nicoleta Badea Camelia Ungureanu, supervisor: Lecturer PhD Marcela Elizabeth Bărbînţă -Patrascu

Third Prize: Potential inhibitors of myeloperoxidasei authors: Lavrenete Alexandra – first year (IT), Dan-Cristian Nedelcu first year (IT), supervisor: Lecturer PhD Adrian Beteringhe.

Mention: The Application of Fibonacci Numbers in Cryptography, author: Salih Gokcel, supervisor: Assoc. Prof. PhD Eng. Math. Anton Soloi.

b) "Information Technology" Section

First prize: The optimization of a DC-DC converter using POWERESIM software, author: Octav Ionut Axenie, supervisor: Lecturer PhD Eng. Gheorghe Andrei