Nowadays, the improvements of the technology are growing fast and the applications become more and more complex. 

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Annual Scientific Session of UESEL Students Engineers was structured this year on 4 sections: a. Fundamental Sciences b. Information Technology c. Communication Systems d. Signal Processing.

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Today, at 11:30 in the Aula Magna was held the official opening ceremony of the academic year 2013-2014, attended by teachers and students from all years of study, together with members of management and staff of the university.

The ceremony opened with the national anthem, followed by several short speeches supported by management's representatives UESEL. Mr. Huseyin Padem, President of the Lumina – The University of South-East, expressed confidence in the university's potential to become one of the best academic centers in the world. UESEL offers the best opportunities to study through the facilities it provides, concern for professional development and teacher training graduates.

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